Amulonga Restaurant-Victoria Falls-Zimbabwe

Trying as many restaurants as possible is one of our favorite parts of traveling. Although, like every trip, I researched and composed a list of potential eating options on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls, it didn’t work out as expected. Our days in the Victoria Falls area were hot, active, and filled with physical activity. We usually arrived back at the lodge, sweaty, dusty, and drained. Since our lodge’s shuttle into town stopped around 5pm, and we felt too tired to negotiate taxis, we ended up eating at A’Zambezi River Lodge’s restaurant, Amulonga, more than we planned.

Covered by a thatched roof, Amulonga restaurant is an open air eating experience. Being on the river, the restaurant offers relaxing views and cooling river breezes.

In the evening, diners are greeted with a roaring fire.

Singers and dancers provide entertainment. Audience participation is encouraged.


On our first morning at A’Zambezi, we sleep off our long travel day, then meander into Amulonga for a late breakfast. Since most of the guests are up and out early in the morning, we have the restaurant, and the view, all to ourselves.

Looking forward to a great sunset cruise dinner, we keep things simple, ordering the scrambled eggs meal.

I really enjoyed the roasted tomatos that came with our breakfasts in Africa.


There are two choices when sitting down for dinner. You can eat from the restaurant’s buffet or you can order off of their sit down menu. We order off of the sit down menu during two of our visits.

Our sit down food is yummy. I especially like my prawns in peri-peri sauce, and Shannon really likes his beef dish.

On our second night in the restaurant, we order dessert, because we can’t pass up a dessert titled, “ice cream basket.” There was joke comedian Dane Cook used to tell about ordering a “spaghetti basket,” and we still reference it, so when we see “ice cream basket” on the dessert menu, we have to get it.


We eat at the buffet one night during our stay. They have a good balance of traditional African dishes and foods that would work for picky eaters.

Our main reason for eating at the buffet is to sample meats we’ve never had before.

Yes, we eat Pumba, and he is so very tasty. I had such conflicting feelings, since I love watching the warthogs roaming the lodge’s property. Warthog tastes like a melt in your mouth, juicy pork chop. If you go to Africa, I encourage trying the warthog.

We also have the impala which is okay. It pretty much just tastes like steak.

The buffet has a nice spread of desserts.

I am partial to the parfait, though I can’t quite figure out what it’s comprised of. When I ask our server, she speeds off to fetch the chef. The server doesn’t reveal why he needs to come to our table, and he is pleased, and relieved, when he learns that I thought my dessert was extra yummy and I just wanted to know what was in the parfait.

“Whew, I thought I was in trouble,” he jokes.

I’m happy that we stayed at a hotel in Victoria Falls that had a nice restaurant. I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, and that there were multiple options for dinner. We liked all of our meals, and with a view of the river and entertainment, Amulonga Restaurant is a welcomed option when dining at Victoria Falls.



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