Staying At Villa Sunshine-Cape Town

Not every travel day is filled with glamorous adventure.

Although our time in Zimbabwe started out with a relaxing morning by the pool, the rest of the week was a flurry of activity.

When our plane landed in Cape Town, South Africa, I was not feeling my best. Exhausted and worn out, I required rest. Fortunately, Villa Sunshine Guest House in Cape Town, was exactly what I needed.

The way our schedule worked out, we arrived in Cape Town the day before check- in day at the timeshare we were using.

We needed a place for a one night stay, that was within walking distance of our next Cape Town, Sea Point, accommodation.  We also wanted a place that we could book using credit card points. Villa Sunshine Guest House popped up in our search, and seemed the perfect fit.

Walking through the door at Villa Sunshine, we were greeted by a friendly staff. As we signed in, we were presented with refreshing juice, in sugar rimmed glasses (nice touch). It was much needed.

After placing our bags in our room, and feeling our energy waning, it seemed like we better get a few things accomplished, before we crashed completely.

First, we did a test run of walking to the next day’s accommodation.

Next, we stopped in a store so I could buy some medicine.

Finally, we searched for a cup of tea and some food.

All I wanted was a cup of tea. I asked the cashier at the store we stopped in if there was a place nearby to get hot tea. She conferred with several co-workers, they were at a loss. We figured we would make our way back to Villa Sunshine, and hopefully stumble upon something (our room also had all of the makings for tea if we couldn’t find any). Spotting a convenience store, we meandered in, and huzzah, they had tea. I got the largest cup of tea they had, and Shannon was able to get food.

We took our finds back to Villa Sunshine.

Since my tea was still at lava temperature, I let it cool down, while I took a short (because of the water shortage), but wonderfully, relaxing, hot shower, then changed into my pajamas.

I climbed into the bed. It felt like a cozy hug. The whole room in fact, emanated coziness.

Not feeling well, I was happy that we were in a guest house, instead of a hotel. The homey feel was comforting.

Sipping my tea, I used the guest house’s free wifi to veg out on social media. Once my tea cup was empty, I snuggled down in the bed, and drifted off to sleep. It was only 7pm.

I awoke rested, refreshed, and with my energy renewed. I gazed out of the window and soaked in the view. I was ready to adventure in Cape Town, thanks to a good night’s sleep, and a great stay, at Villa Sunshine.

Since we were only there for a short time, and since the weather was chilly, we didn’t have a chance to take advantage of Villa Sunshine’s common areas, pool, or optional (affordable) breakfast.

We did however enjoy the friendly staff, the comfortable and cozy room and bed, and a location that was walkable to stores, restaurants, and the beach. Though we only stayed for one night, I would have happily stayed our entire week at Villa Sunshine Guesthouse.




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