About Me


I am Sarah Hawkins Miduski, aka, Obligatory Traveler.

I enjoy going off the beaten path, but I’m not too cool to do, well, the obligatory, touristy, travel things too.

A writer at heart, I love to find the story  in everything. I seek to inform, entertain, and hopefully inspire you to get out and have adventures!

I have a voracious appetite for seeing new places and having new experiences. I am usually accompanied by my husband.  An adorer of food, I consider myself an ice cream enthusiast. I haven’t met a churro I didn’t like…so far. I am partial to architecture, nature, and animals, especially when I can view them in their natural habitats.

I currently have 3 chronic illnesses, lupus, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, and a rare heart condition called, pulmonary hypertension. Each condition comes with its own set of challenges, but I plan to keep traveling the world for as long as possible.

Posts About Me

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